Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review - Army Fete

Event: Army Fete...d safest fete

Location: Queen's Park Savannah

Date: February 10th 2012

The promo: Take a read and check the FB page
Ambience: I was in the SIG section (Specially Invited Guests) the left of back stage.

Layout: SIG was to the left of backstage, VIP was to the right of backstage. General was HUGE!!! Only downside of the setup was that it rained earlier so parts of the ground was quite muddy. Other than that there are no complaints.

Food/drinks: SIG is food and drink inclusive. One bar though sooo as the night proceeded the line to get drinks got longer and longer. Food was provision and stew pork/chicken, bake and roasted pork, corn soup, complaints!

Performances: KES was the opening act. Then Shal, TC, Iwer,  Bunji & Fayann and Asylum , 3Suns, Tallpree all came on...I left around just after 3...I missed Swappi siigh!

Bathrooms: The porta-cools, air-conditioned, kept clean throughout the night. Just that some ladies seem to not realise the bathrooms could be flushed...ladies, ladies please please try to be a little appreciative of the amenities provided.

The Crowd: The general crowd for Army fete has to be experienced. People were stripping, the fence shook, a cloud of dust rose over the crowd...that crowd is huge. Bucket, Iwer's Jab and Fayann's drop on the ground and roll were the favourites. Bucket seemed to be hte absolute favourite though...followed closely by Iwer's Jab... Crazy experience

Rating: 3.5...we couldn't get across to the VIP area, even though SIG was supposed to have access to all areas. Other than that had a blast at Army.

Notes: Why oh why do people even attempt fighting in Army fete. You're dealing with soldiers who have to work while others are're just looking for trouble #justSaying

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