Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review - KES in concert

Event: KES in Concert @ Normandie Under the Trees

Location: Normandie Hotel, St. Ann's

Date: Fenruary 9th 2012

Ambience: Under the gorgeous trees in Normandie's courtyard...

Layout: Chairs were available for those that wanted to sit, lots of folks went up in front the stage. It had rained earlier so there were spots of soft ground...but all in all the ground was pretty firm.

Food/drinks: Food and bars were set up to the back. A separate bar for beers. Food was available for sale, corn soup, bake and shark. Drinks were available right up till the end.

Performances: KES in concert ...he brought on Nelson, David Rudder, JW &  Blaze, Shal and TC and Michele X. This was a very very good performance.

Bathrooms: Normandie's bathrooms ...decent. The line was just looong!

Rating: 3.5

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