Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review - Hott 93's 'Inferno'

Event: HOTT 93's Inferno

Location: Pier2

Date: January 27th 2012

Ambience: Bleh! That about sums it up.

Layout: Before I go further let me just state that I'm glad we paid for VIP quite simply because VIP was to the front i.e. right in front the stage. General was just beyond VIP separated by a fence.

Food/drinks: Food and bars were set up around the perimeter...ok, to be fair I did not taste anything eh...but read on. Gyros, fries, fried chicken, bar-b-que chicken all unappetizingly set up upon entry and had to be purchased! WTF?! Drinks in VIP included rum, Black and White Scotch, Skyy 'nasty' vodka, beers, and water...in flipping VIP?! No thank you!

Performances: Fantabulous...this saved the night from being awful. Kees, KRich, Swappi,Shal, TC, Kerwin, Machel, Patrice, Farmer Nappy. No complaints at all. Dil-e-Nadan however, needs to go back to rehearsals...they were horrible!

Bathrooms: Four, count them 1, 2, 3, 4 porta-pottie units for the entire female population of the VIP audience = absolute failure! The smell alone ick! We resorted to using one of the few units setup for the men, cause the men were using the fences...NASTY!

Rating: 2.5 ...without the great performances from all but Dil-e-Nadan this would have failed miserably!

To the organisers: when initially advertised this was not a cooler fete. We called, you confirmed that. Then during the few days before the event it was switched to a cooler/bucket event for general admission ticket holders ONLY. Just note that you have lost MAJOR stripes for doing that...and 'cause VIP was such shit I doubt we'll go back next year.

p/s:- my friends and I walked with our own drinks and were well sauced before we even got inside...so the shitty bar did not mar our enjoyment one bit!

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